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Feb 24, 2012

Hello everyone! Happy Friday! What a week of craziness! In the course of this week I have been slaving away over my senior recital, I have a 20th century American art piece that is so tough, but I'm gonna master it if its the last thing I do! Not to mention the bajillion Disney songs I'm trying to memorize before April. Wow, what a tough life.

This is what I decided to wear today. This top kind of reminds of me those prom dresses from the late 80's wearly 90's that Laura Winslow would wear. I think it's because of the trim around the bottom. But hey, I can't get enough of the beautious laciness of it.
 To answer your question, Yes. Those are Russian Nesting Dolls!! I'm slightly obsessed with nick-nacks from other countries. If you were to enter my apartment, you would see that I have quite the collection of Russian nesting dolls, and Cerdito piggy banks from Mexico. Also, I love the country of Mexico in general. If the Lord ever called me to full-time Mission work in Mexico, I would probably go, and I would apply to work at Rancho Sordo Mudo. Ironically the village where the ranch is at, has a strong Russian history...
 PS. I made this skirt. Also, I'm fully aware of the extreme lack of pigment in my skin. I'm white, and I never tan. I've come to accept this fact, after 4 years of high school trying desperately to get tan, and only getting extremely sunburnt...

not many pictures today, but thats because my camera is swiftly running out of betteries. I need to get more. Anyways, thats about it for me anyways. I did want to mention that there is a sale currently going in the shop until St. Patrick's Day. You get 20% off when you use the code PTTV20, so be sure to check out the shop soon!! See you soon!!

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