Adventures in Baby Sitting

Feb 23, 2012

Hi Everyone! Are you so ready for the weekend? I am. This week should have been a breeze with Monday off, but I'm actually quite stressed. I have officially joined the thousands of soon to be college graduates in the hunt for a job. I feel like the Lord told me to go back to school because my destiny wasn't retail work, and every retail job that I have taken since I've started school has fallen through. I was hired at Freestyle, and then un-hired due to my music department schedule. So despite my greatest efforts in retail employment, the message is clear after three failed attempts here in the Sacramento area: no Urban Outfitters, no Kohls, no Freestyle. All great stores, but not for me. The really actual resume sending, interview praying, has begun. So if you're in the Sacramento area, and you have a job for this soon to be college grad, you know what to do!

anyways! I think I've told you quite a few times before that my current "part-time" job is watching the funnest three children in the whole wide world. I thought instead of showing you my outfit of the day, I'd share one of the best parts of my time here at William Jessup University.
Have you ever seen a prettier princess? This is us practicing how to say "You're Majesty."
 Gotta study up on how to be a princess of course!
 Oh hey, brother! That shirt says "Hello, My name is Trouble." enough said.
 The whole gang. This was taken after the making of our Big Time Rush music video. These are three of the most precious kids I've ever known.

That's about it for me today, and...Well everyone there's a tiny glimpse into the life of student/wife/blogger/musician (not in that order, wife is first always). I actually am not constantly thinking of fashion, and spending all my hours reading other blogs. I hope you enjoyed a glance into my life from a different angle! And for those of you who are wondering, I am all better from my cold. The secret is Ultra Zicam, %100 Organic Cranberry Only Juice, and Sleep. See you soon!

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