When I was 11, I Audited My Parents

Jul 24, 2012

Hello everyone, Happy tuesday to you. It's been a pretty dull day. I haven't even had my coffee yet. So besides being dull as of now, everything is kind of a blur. I did however manage to watch The Other Guys and beat my high score in Solitaire. Yes. Very exciting things happening with my this morning. 

But lets get something out in the open here, Emily chose Jef!? Weird. I've always been pretty good at decifering which guy the bachelorette was going to pick, but I have to admit. I never saw that coming. My pick was Sean, I knew he couldn't win. He was too nice, too American. So. American.

Anyways, here's what I decided to wear today. I've be wearing my hair in a bun every single day for the past 6 months I feel like. I dont enjoy my hair down right now. It desperately needs a little bit of a styling. Thursday can't come soon enough. However, I did attempt the center part today. It's never too late to be late to the party I guess.
 I am obsessed with the color Coral these days. One of my dearest friends chose it as her wedding color way back in 2009 (our anniversary is 5 months apart, and she flew alllllll the way from New York to be in my wedding. What a blessing to have lifelong friends), and I was skeptical, but I was proven wrong when every single. very different looking, girl looked absolutely glowing in their dress. Whit was so ahead of the times :) She still is.

 Are those blue cherries? I can't really tell, but I dont care. Also, here's some lacey-lace for your delight. Just a little bit of trend over-load. What of it.

 Here's a few pictrues of our weekend adventures. When my parents came for the weekend they took us to Thai Food, Freestyle, and then last but not least, arguably the best ice cream on the west coast: LEATHERBY'S. If you are ever ever ever in the Sacramento area, you have to go there.  The ice cream is insane!! They also have food, but who cares about food when there's ice cream? I sincerely believe that.
 This is a lovely picture of my parents...behind my tower of ice cream. I shared (meaning I totally ate most of it myself) with my wubby. This creation is the chocolate sundae with Peanut Butter sauce. Yes this does exist, and I do now have type 2 diabetes.
 Sunday after church, we went to Lucille's for lunch. good food and obviously, better company. This is my best friend, June. We're best friends.
Also, I thought I would share with you this picture. This is my husband. At work. Holding a Thor hammer, and his best buddy, Jordan, In...I honestly don't know. The Puffy shirt from Seinfeld? Either way, they get paid to do this. Lordy...Look at those ridiculous boots!!
Well thats about it for me today!! I gotta check the mail and somehow be productive. There's dishes in the sink...I could add that to the list of very exciting things to do today :) See you soon!

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