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Jul 23, 2012

Hello everyone! I'm just sitting...blogging from the Launder-mat! The laundry facility at our apartment is kinda sketch, so logically, I drive my clothes 10 minutes away and do my laundry there! However, as weird as this seems, the launder-mat has free wi-fi so Im actually able to get a ton done. Also, they happen to play my favorite radio station and right now Stevie Knicks is playing...so win win!

Anyways, doesn't this dress remind you of some sassy waitress? You know like the Pretenders Brass in Pocket kind? That has to be one of my favorite songs. I found it at Freestyle the other day when my parents came to town. It came between this dress, and a much more form fitting one, like a date night dress, and when I asked Nathan which one he liked more, he said this one! How precious is that? What really attracted me right away were the colors. What a cute teaching dress right? Thats pretty much all I think about right now.

 I actually did take pictures of this dress at home. I wanted to take them at the launder-mat, but there were too many people around, and people at the launder-mat are VERY talkative...in and good and bad way. I probably won't go by myself ever again. But now I can say that I did it!

 Shameless ring bragging shot. Also, you can see how extremely buff I am.

Well thats about it for me today. Someone has to start cooking dinner, and since there are only two people who live in our apartment, and Nathan is currently on his way home from work, I guess that someone will have to be me. I am so excited for this week. I kind of go back to normal life this week...kind of. I'm really stoked to go back to babysitting. I only have...2 weeks left! As excited as I am for my new job, I have to confess, I'm a little bit devastated in my heart to no longer watch the Ruscica kids. Anyways, fun times ahead for this week!! See you soon.
PS!! Look at that little guy down in the corner!! I guess I've somehow forgotten that I'm on pinterest! I have been for a few months, and I can't get enough!! You know those condesending Wonka memes? I feel like he is talking to me every time, and it hurts me feelings every time! Anyways, follow me! I'll follow you!

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