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Jul 8, 2012

Good morning everyone! How are you? It's been wayyy too long. I've been in a weird no-blogging mode for a while, and I can't seem to snap out of it! I dont know! Anyways, Let me just give you a little update on life while I'm thinking about it!

Let's start off with the only think I've been able to thinking about: I have 29 days until I start at Vacaville Christian High School. Let me tell you, I am slaving away over lesson plans and taking in all the teaching wisdom I can before those students come through the door of my two classrooms. I also get a little office! I'll have pictures of my class room soon. This is the view from my desk. Look at those hills, have you ever seen anything more beautiful? Me neither. Thanks Lord :)

One of the bajillion blessings of this job is also the fact that I'll be issued an iPad! Crazy right? All of their text books and things are loaded onto their iPads as apps! Obviously there are lots of rules in place to keep the kids from using Facebook/Twitter/Updating their blogs :) in class. I'm really hoping that I'll have the option of upgrading to 3G, that way I don't have to get the internet, and I can still do all my online teaching stuff from home. Yep it's true. Nathan and I don't have the internet in our apartment. With as many places that offer free internet, it's actually not that much of an inconvenience.

This is my Choir and Drama class room. Yep, that is a grand piano you see there. Can you believe it? for those of you who are just joining, I'm gonna be teaching Bible, Drama, and Choir. Could life get any better?

I'm currently in the process of pining over scores and scores of... scores! Choir scores! haha. Wow. Worst joke. My iTunes is filled with choir music now. There's so much more to directing a choir than just waving your arms around. A lot of what I have to work on for both choir and drama won't event be able to be done until I meet my students! There's so much to consider! I'm also in the process of reviewing musicals for spring and picking out a show.
Enough of teaching stuff, Onto the next thing: besides lesson plans and stuff, I've been hanging out with these people! There's one missing, but he was at a play date with a buddy of his. This is at the new Library in Roseville. This playground rocks! There's no sand (yay!), and there's a little mist-er thing that will cool you off if you're getting too hot! The only bummer is, sometimes you could drench yourself in water, and it won't do you any good on a playground that might as well be on the surface of the sun.

Last but not least. I'm getting a new haircut. It has been...seriously two years since I've gotten any significant cut, and it's grown out from this:
thats me on the far right there (obviously)
to this:

And while it's not a bad cut, It's two year-old-non-trimmed-straightened -plit-end-y hair. Also, I cut my own bangs on a whim, and it's painfully obvious. I haven't even had it colored in...who knows how long. But I like the natural color of my hair, and will probably just stick with it. These are the cuts that I'm considering. What are your thoughts? I hate the picture of the girl with the yellow hair, but I feel like I could make that cut work. Give me some feed back. The old taylor momsen is the hair cut I had right before I chopped it all off. It was platinum and everything. I'm leaning towards the girl on the right. Who knows. 

ANYWAYS!! Thats about it for me today. Thats life as I currently know it. Church starts in about 20 minutes. I'll see you soon :)

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