An ordinary kitten will ask more questions than any five-year-old

Jun 21, 2012

Hello everyone!! This is kind of a weird post, but I have to utilize every possible avenue! I had just gotten back from Stockton and I was putting away all the clean laundry when who would step into my life, but the cutest little kitten! She is so precious. Without a second thought I just swooped her up in my arms and for that brief moment I thought, "Yay! the kitty I always wanted" Then I thought, "Are you nuts? Nathan is in Nicaragua! He will not be thrilled with a kitten running around..." So, here is my plea to you in the form a craigslist listing: Rescued Kitten, Free to good home. She is so cute, and Impossible to take a good picture of.

 If you know anyone who is interested in this sweet little buddy, please let me know!!
 She is like a little shadow! For right now, I am going a little nuts trying to take care of her because I just don't have any time. Thats why I'm plea-ing with people to adopt her. I can't afford a kitten, and I'm not home long enough to take care of her.
So thats about it for me today. I know totally strange, but she is so cute, I couldn't bear not to take her in and rescue her. IF no one claims her in a few days, I'll take her to a no-kill shelter and hopefully someone will adopt her from there. If you know of anyone in the Sacramento Area who might want a new little kitten, please let me know!

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