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Jun 4, 2012

Hello everyone! So it's nice to be back in blogging commission. I like sharing these things with you, it's kind of like having a reality TV show, but I get to choose what is shared with this crazy world, and no one is putting my life under the magnifying glass and scrutinizing my every move... so I guess it's nothing like a reality show. 

ANYWAYS! Here are a few pictures of what I did on Saturday. Nathan's band Kingdom played at a radio festival and it was such a blast! They were the best band there, if I do say so myself. If there is one thing I've learned from this concert. Sing like you mean it! Play like you mean it! That's something Kingdom is really good at, even in 100 degree heat with no shade. Maybe it's because they do mean it. Not to say that the other artists didn't, its just couldn't tell. Except for Lincoln Brewster, he also rocked, literally, he's a crazy awesome guitar player.

 In case you were wondering, Nathan's hair is naturally gray. And yes, I find him to be the hottest man I have ever seen. I'm so proud of my husband. Kingdom is such a good band, and their new music is so awesome. It's very difficult not to brag.
Also: This little guy came by to give us a visit! Isn't he so cute? He just showed up, and I thought about catching him and keeping him as a pet for a few days. But then I thought: What if that happened to me? I would hate that! So I decided against it. ANYWAYS! That's about it for me today. Outfit posts coming soon!! See you soon!

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