Something I Never Saw Coming

Jul 14, 2012

Hi Everyone!! So, I know I've been promising you outfit posts, but everytime I get something new or cute, something comes up that I think is way more fun, and I have to tell you about it! I got called to work on the most random thing I could have every imagined: a forest fire. You read that right. For the past few days, I've been working at the base camp for the US forest service as the firefighters work on the massively huge fire in the Mendocino National Forest. No, I'm not suiting up and wielding a fire-hose. My job is much less dangerous. I make copies and print important documents, and make fun signs for the camp. I got the job through the family that I babysit for. The Ruscicas...I've told you about them right? Well, if I haven't, then you're missing out, because you'll be a better person for having known them. They are wonderful. I got the call at 8:30 am, and by noon that day I was driving to a rodeo grounds in the teeny tiny town of Stony Ford, CA. Our base camp isn't anywhere near the beauties of Mendocino, CA, but Stony Ford is beautiful in it's own way. Here are few pictures of the fire! Next post I'll show you what I actually do :)

This is not cloud cover. It's smoke! It was so thick when I first got there. It turned everything orange-y. It was really surreal. Ash was everywhere. There is a  Slip Skate Shop sticker on the back window of my car, but you would never know it now!
More smoke. Look at the mountains way in the back, aren't they beautiful? We are stationed right where the fire trucks get fueled up before they go out to the fire. It's really crazy seeing how many trucks get sent out.
 This little circle is the sun! I wish the picture would have taken better, but it was bright red! Talk about apocalyptic! It was nuts!
 This the view from our sleeping trailer. Those are the rodeo grandstands. We work 16 hour shifts, and then sleep for 8 hours. My shift last week was 11am-3am. I know it sounds grueling, but there's down time where we can just sit and relax.

This is the view of the fire from the grandstands. It its CRAZY! I could see the flames!! When I asked Gail how close to the fire we were and she replied "You don't want to know....Dont tell your husband!" hahahaha! She really super funny. In fact, everyone that I've met has been wonderful. I'll say it over and over, it's not really the actual job that makes this fun, it's all the nice people you meet who make this fun! 

Well, those are my pictures for now. I will definitely be taking and posting more, but thats what I got for the time being. There are two downsides: 1) I'm away from Nathan for a few days, and I hate that. 2) I miss out on the Bachelorette. But everything else is great! I'm excited to go back and see how things have changed :) If you're curious, you can go to this website on the Mill Fire in the Mendocino National Forest and check it out. It's crazy!

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