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Aug 15, 2011

Hi Everyone! How is your Monday going? I hope it’s going well. I have turned in my millionth form for financial aid. I’m really hoping this is my last one. Have you ever had to deal with financial aid for college? It can get pretty crazy as far as paperwork, and numbers, and tax forms. The word “tedious” is barely scratching the surface. However, I have to say this: my financial aid advisor was really sweet and helpful the entire time, and I’ve learned a very valuable lesson; NEVER DO YOUR OWN TAXES!! It pays to take your paperwork to a professional. And I also learned this: if the Lord wants you to be somewhere, there will always be opposition, the road is always up hill in some way. But the Lord is so much smarter than us, and so much bigger than our problems. And it’s easy to say this now, but even if things hadn’t worked out for this semester, that would have meant that the Lord had something else for. But let me tell you, I’m really glad that the Lord has me at Jessup. I love my school! I would be so sad if I wasn’t going back there.

ANYWAYS! Enough about business! This is what I decided to wear today. How relaxing is this skirt to your eyes? Doesn’t it make you think of someplace beautiful and tropical? I don’t know, that’s how I view it. I plan on finding a way to make it work into the fall, for some reason I think short brown motorcycle and/or cowboy boots will look cute. We shall see, Freestyle never lets be down for boots. You should see my collectionJ

Well that’s about it for me. My husband is off at a meeting with Kingdom, so I’m basically waiting for him to text me so I can go pick him up. Guess I’ll just have to hang out at Starbucks until then… darn. See you soon!

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  1. You are so pretty it's kinda ridiculous. Love your outfit and i totally agree with you that financial aid is a PAIN sometimes... but usually it's worth the hassle...


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