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Aug 16, 2011

Hello Everyone!! Today is the day that I post my 100th entry!!! Crazy!! Now granted I haven't posted 100 different outfits, but I'm sure it comes close. The thought of 100 different outfits is pretty crazy. It makes me feel like a hoarder! Good thing I'm a major patron of Freestyle, and I'm not opposed to donating to the Salvation army! Things could get out of control.

Anyways, this starbucks that I'm sitting at while typing this blog has their music turned up so loud. I'm all for loud music, but seriously, when everyone at the store has to yell, thats just too much. I have to be honest with you about something right now, and this is the first time I'm doing this, but, I'm seriously here just for the internet! I'm on my way to Shady to have coffee with Erin so I don't wanna get too hyped up, so I'm not ordering anything here! What cheap-o I am. I guess I could type my blog at Shady, but I dont like typing while trying to chat with friends, I can't do them both, and usually it's the friend who suffers... it's bad manners.

Anyways, this is what I've decided to wear today. I wore this dress pretty recently, and it's quickly become one of my favorites. It's literally the comfiest thing I've ever worn. It'll definitely have to be put up during the winter, it'll be wayyy too cold for the winter, so I feel like I havet o get as much wear out of it as I can before it starts geting cold.

 Recently I've ventured into the world of trendy lipsticks. My favorite trend right now is hot pink. You can't really tell in this pictures, but this lipstick is much more vivid in person. I thought it would make my teeth look really yellow, but turns out, it's not so bad.

 Look at this little guy! He slipped under the fence and kept me company for a little while. I'm not cat person really, but thats because unfortunately, I'm very allergic, but I think I would like cats a lot more if I weren't. Look how cute this little buddy is!

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