An industrious sinner I much prefer to a lazy saint

Aug 20, 2011

Hi Everyone!! It's finally Saturday! I've been pretty busy these past few days getting things ready for school. It's been nuts I tell ya! I dont even have any of my books yet! I dont know what the heck I'm gonna do, books are expensive! Oh well, it'll work out.

Anyways enough about that, on to weekend fun times! Nathan has a tattoo appointment today so we are in Stockton. We haven't been to our hometown in such a long time it feels, so while Stockton may not be the funnest or most glamourous town, it sure is good to see family. My brothers are together this weekend in San Diego, I wish I were there with them.

ANYWAYS! This is what I decided to wear today. When my mom greeted me at my parents' house, she said I looked like I was going to prom. The last time I wore this dress, people were so complementary, I actually think it's pretty plain and kind of boring, but whatevs! It's a whole outfit in one peice. thats what kind of travel dressing I like.

 Chico thinks he's some kind of wild animal.

 Today is a lazy day, just ask our little buddy oscar. Have you ever seen a dog with a sweeter face? His personality is just as sweet. You'll never meet a better dog than Oscar.

Well everyone, enjoy your Saturday. I think I'm gonna just lay around and have lazy last weekend of Summer. If you're returning to school next week, I encourage you to do the same. See you soon!


  1. Textbooks are expensive, I totally agree. But if you have the ISBN for the books you need, you can look it up on amazon or or or There are numerous, wonderful websites out there that have cheap textbooks available. :)

  2. I love your dress - such a great style & a gorgeous colour too..!




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