Summertime At Last

Jun 4, 2015

Hello world! It's officially summer, and I have plans on plans on plans... to hang out in the vacation world of Napa CA. It's crazy to think we've been here a year. We survived the earthquake (the biggest since 1988), I survived the school year and all of its many surprises, I gave the commencement address for our high school graduation, and now, here I am ready to take on Napa valley. 

...But first a day of catching up on rest. I plan on working on our ever growing succulent garden, reading and starting the She Reads Truth Bible study, Women in the Word, drinking a crazy amount of coffee, and playing tons of music. It's gonna be a great start to Summer.

Also, I lost my cell phone and I am in process of upgrading to an iPhone for the first time. And my process, I mean PROCESS. Come on people, it's not like I'm buying a car, or adopting a baby. Anyways!  Welcome me, world of device addicts, I am about to join you.

Dress: Anthropologie (old) Mug: Urban Outfitters (old)

She Reads Truth

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