I Invented the "It's not you, It's me"!

Jun 12, 2015

Hi Everyone! Happy Friday to you all! I hope this week has treated you well! It's been a fun one for me, just taking myself for walks all over beautiful downtown Napa.

Have you ever worn something you just didn't feel like you should wear? Today, thats me. There really isn't anything iniherantly wrong with what i'm wearing, or that I'm not pulling this top off, but you know, I just gotta face it. I don't think the boho look is really for me. I'm all about free-spiritedness, but, I think my deal is more retro/vintage/novelty. I call it, Sound of Music goes down town. It's just the truth. There is a moment in season 1 of New Girl where Jess let's one of Nick's girlfriends have it for making fun of the "thing she's got going on", and I feel like Jess just stole the words out of my heart and screamed them on TV.  Just because you like cute stuff and wear tons of color and polka dots, doesn't mean you're not strong.

Just because I'm not a bohemian hippy goddess doens't make me less... anything, it's just not me. Now a frilly shoulder calico top that looked like it might have belonged to little girl running on the prarie, and watermelon shaped purse? Thats me. 

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