A Summer Vacation For Real

Jun 8, 2015

Hello everyone! Happy Monday afternoon to you. Thought I'd share a few of he highlights of Nate's and my mini-vacation. You won't be shocked to hear that we went to Santa Cruz, our very favorite place in the whole wide world,  We went to our old favorites of course like Lulu Carpenters on Pacific Ave, but we actually did a little bit of adventuring out of our comfort zone and made new favorite places!

We went to the Santa Cruz flea market, and it was so fun, I totally forgot to take any pictures! Next time I guess, There will definitely be a next time. We ended up spending most our time in Capitola at the beach, it was a busy day at the beach, but not super crazy, and wow was it beautiful. I died over all the colors, and the houses were painted so amazingly. Nate and I found a favorite house and we appropriately named the house, House Goals. 

Also, For the very first time, I'm pleased to announce that I got Nate to go into Verve, the coffee place of my dreams. Good grief, that could have been the best mocha I have ever had. Caffeinated heaven, that little cup held! Even Nate couldn't stop stealing sips from time to time!

Eventually it had to end, but hey, calling Napa home isn't so bad after all!

Samosas and Italian soda

Seriously how beautiful is this walk way? So green!
Nate's a male model... Ridiculously good looking... And patriotic

House Goals
That little green camp mug though! Of course I had to have it.

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