Countless Second Chances We've Been Given

Jan 9, 2015

Hello there everyone!! It's been way way way too long since I've updated my blog, I realize this. It's also been a very crazy time of transition life change. I kinda kept my blog up over the summer, so it's not really news that Nate and I are no longer in the Sacramento area. We now live in Napa CA. We moved in June, so we experienced the earthquake. If you saw the news on the quake you saw a lot of damage. Nate and I were spared...big time. We didn't have to move, we didn't lose anything expensive or special, and most importantly we were completely safe. It was scary, but we survived.

With the new year already in full swing, I actually have thought of a few goals I'd like to accomplish to this year! Here they are:

1. Write more songs. In my former life I was a singer/songwriter and did a significant amount traveling/performing. I'd like to do more of that. Nate suprised me by getting me the ukulele of my dreams for Christmas. I had bought a cheap one online so I could learn to play, but the one Nate got me is so beautiful and sounds so much better. They're also a lot easier to travel with than a Piano; which is my primary instrument. I've been playing for about a month now... I'm okay. I'd really like to get super good. As you can see, Oscar is way impressed with my rendition of "Rainbow Connection".
Nate an I did some recording this year. This has been an awesome addition to our married life. Being creative together has helped us learn stuff about each other we didn't know before. It's been really fun, and challenging writing and playing together. I've never wanted to punch someone I loved in the face before :)
2. Take more pictures!
I found an old Polaroid land camera in my Grandma's stuff after she passed away this past year in November. I also found this little green camera at an antique store. I wasn't sure if it worked or not, so I did a research and bought some film for it. Turns out this little camera is broken, but it sparked a new interest/hobby in vintage cameras and film photography. Don't expect any "Parrish the Thought Photography" instagram account or anything, but I do need to get better at taking pictures of stuff that matters,

3. Get a hair cut. A real one.
This is a screenshot of my iPad. It has taken me 5 years to grow my hair to this length from a close-cut pixie cut. I've endured the shaggy Justin Beiber phase (featured here). I venteured away from my very trusted hairstylist and received one of the WORST haircuts ever, and recovered. 
Sometimes my long hair looks awesome, like this:
but usually it's really dirty and gross and looks like this:
The truth is, I really just don't have the time necessary to have long hair. Not to mention that my hair just isn't healthy, and it needs to start over. I'm thinking bob with baby bangs.  It would be easy and still way stylish. I dont know. But my goal is to get a significant cut. I like this one... we'll see...maybe not so short. See, there I go.
4. Blog more. This has been my goal for a long time. I love Parrish The Thought. I know it doesn't really seem like it. But I do. I don't have a lap top or the internet, so finding time and resources is hard. But I think if I were to have a lap top it might be easier to get this kind of thing done.

Anyways, lots of new things on the horizon. New music, new hair, new... everything! I have spiritual goals as well, but that is post all it's own. See you soon!

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