Walking Adventures in Napa

Jun 28, 2014

Hello there folks! Hope this glorious weekend treating you well. I'm still in the honeymoon phase of living in Napa, AND I'm on summer vacation, so basically every single day is Saturday for me. I often lose track of the date.  ANWAYS! Nathan and I went on a glorious walking date around downtown, and let me just say; our date was not disappointing. This is what I wore on our little trip. I found this little Free People gem at Freestyle in Roseville, and I've been waiting for the perfect moment.
White Dress

There's only trees for days everywhere you walk downtown, and it makes for the best walks. Nathan and I often walk to the Oxbow Public Market. Among the other beautiful shops and resaurants in the Oxbow, I
would have to that my favorite one is Three Twins Organic Ice Cream. These pics are from my walk yesterday with friends ho came to visit.

I am a person who gets a "usual." I only ever get the same thing over and over, and I get the Chocolate Peanut Buttercup. It is by far my very favorite, but I will say, I have yet to try a flavor that I didn't like. Oh Three Twins, you genius ice cream sibblings.

Nathan and I also walked into some Vintage shops, and I found some seriously wonderful treasures. This coat was one of my finds at Wildcats Vintage on Coombs.  This shop isnt that huge, but it is packed with tons of beautiful things.
Vintage Embroidered Coat
We also walked into Napa Vintage Market, Alice's Antiques. It is so great. I coudln't get over this little camera that I seen afew days ago, and I had to go back for it. I'm pretty sure it still works, I just have to find some film for it. Just look at the color. I coudn't not get it.

Haven't really ventured out into the restaurants  yet. They are a little out of our budget, but you better believe this blog will be giving you the details on how to do Napa on a budget. There's so much you can do, and it is so fun. Anwyas, hope you loved thhis wayyyy-too-long post! See you soon!


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  2. That dress is Gorge. You are even Gorge-er. (Gorgeouser.)

  3. So, Napa good food on a budget. Just ask long time locals who happen to love food... I might know a few ;)

  4. So, Napa good food on a budget. Just ask long time locals who happen to love food... I might know a few ;)


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