Mother of Pearl

Jun 26, 2014

Hello everyone!! Two posts in a row! Hope you're having a great Thrusday, I am! I Just found out that idont have to do Jury Duty! Yay! The perks of having just moved three counties away. Anyways, This is what I decided to wear today. It's blaringly obvious that I dont have any of my camera stuff unpacked otehrwise, I would not be using my sorry ol' ipad camera. C'mon Ipad, what the heck! The quality is so bad.

Anyways! I'm really not a fan of the cropped look, I can't do the bare midriff. Even wearing spaghetti straps is a little out of my wheelhouse. It's not because I'm self-consious in my own skin (not any more than anyone would be I suppose), I just dont think all it needs to be showing to look cute. I know it's just my arms and d├ęcolletage, but its the principle! 

Can I please comment on the architecture of our new place? This space is actually the entry of our Bedroom. I'm just obsessed with it right now. 

Now, I'm probably dating myself quite a bit right now, but when I was a little girl Sam&Libby wasn't a Target brand. These little bow flats were the shoes of my childhood, so when I saw this on the shelves at Target, I had to have them.

Well folks, there you go! I'm not entirely sure what today has in store for me. I've been eyeing this great vintage shop that is only steps away from my house. There is actually 3 of them all within walking distance from my front door! Oh, Napa.

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