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Oct 18, 2011

Hi everyone!! Hope your week is going awesome thus far, mines going pretty great. Mondays have all of the sudden become my favorite day of the work-week. Why is that you ask? Well, I'll tell you! I've dropped two classes because I don't need them to graduate (boo yah!), making my day on monday last from 8-930am! Which gives me a bajillion hours to do homework, and if I dont have homework, it gives me a bajillion hours to work on this blog and shop it up! If only I could be paid to shop it up and blog it up... Hooray!!

Anyways, this is not what I decided to wear today, this is what I decided to wear on Saturday over the weekend. I wore something totally different today. But let me comment on these little boots. Nathan put these on hold for me at Freestyle, and when I saw them, I knew in that instant that I was in love...with those boots.

Little kitty is guarding me. I did some investigative work and walked around the fence to see what he was guarding me from, and there was a huge/scary black cat with a huge head! Good thing Little Kitty was there!
I love this little nesting doll necklace, I've had it for quite a few years. I dont bring her out as much as I should. She has so much character! Her face is so sweet!

 Oh yes, here is a closer view of my boots. Thanks wubby!!

 From the moment I met little kitty, I was pretty much in love. I wasn't sure if Nathan was totally sold yet, but I bought him some food and left it outside for him so if he wanted to stop by, he could have a little snack...well I had to being the food inside and here's why... a possum!! Scary! He ate every single little bit of food!! I didn't buy that catfood for him! Rude.
Well everyone, thats about it for me today. I'm thinking about doing a post on how to dress appropriately for various occasions, and why modesty is always a good idea. If you have any thoughts or questions, I would love to hear them!! Have a great day everyone. I'll see you soon!!


  1. Can't wait for the modesty post :]

  2. i wish i could blog full time too. your boots are adorable by the way, and i love that ring you have on too!


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