A vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in

Oct 15, 2011

Oh, good morning everyone! It feels so perfectly aligned that I be sitting in a busy starbucks with my delicious Salted Caramel Mocha working away at my blog. I like to think that the Lord provides us with these little retreats from normal life. In fact as I sit here right now thinking about what my day is going to hold, I can't help but be so happy. I'm here at Starbucks blogging (which is my favoritist thing to do), my husband is at band practice rocking, which is his favorite thing to do, and then later today, we'll be heading to our hometown and I'm gonna "run errands" with my mom, and we'll see our nephews, and we'll play with the doggies, it's just gonna be great.

Anyways this is what I decided to wear today. I've brought the peach skirt back out. It's still pretty warm up in the Valley, so it just feels strange to wear tights or sweaters, though I am growing increasingly impatient. I love boots, and it's just too hot to wear them yet. But trust me, I've already begun nice little collection...

This tie-neck blouse is one of my favorites. It's very versatile. Since it's sleeveless it's cool enough for warmer days, and since it's also silk it's warm enough to wear with a cardigan under a coat in cooler weather. Not to mention the tie-neck is awesome.

You can barely see him in this background, but little dark-grey blob that looks like he's walking away is my new little buddy, his name is Tig, but we really just call him "Little Kitty". We adopted him, and he is our new little baby. Cats are much easier apartment pets than dogs... sad, but true.
there he is. He's helping me. Plus, look at my hair, while it's not super long, it's log enough to make a sad little bud, and as sad as it may look, it makes me very happy. Grow short hair, grow!

 Oh. Gosh. Let me tell you about this little beauties of a platform wedge: I found this Kork-Ease little glories at Freestyle (duh), and they were half off of $35! Do you know what that means?! I got $195 shoes for $17.50. What a victory. They are impeccably made, and they are my new faves.
 Well everyone, that's about it for me today. By the way, the barista just walked up and asked if I wanted a piece of Banana Walnut Bread, could this morning be getting any better? See you soon!

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