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Oct 11, 2011

Oh hello everyone! Its been such a long time since I've posted anything of any value... Lordy. For this I sincerely apologize. Until this day, I've been inundated with more homework than any normal human should have. But I had a chat with the registrar about somehow moving some units around, and these chains of 18 units that bind have been loosed! Haha. I know, how dramatic. But thats how I feel! Ugh!! So I'm dropping two classes. Im debating about whether to keep my science class (which feels like sand-paper against my teeth its so awful) or drop my Tuesday Night Class (which gets out at 10pm, but its soooo crazy interesting, and I'm able to diagnose my husband with every mental disorder known to the DSM-IV-TR). It's a hard call, I know I'm going to drop two classes, and out the three that I don't absolutely need, its a toss up between those two. ANYWAYS! I can just hear my kitchen calling my name "Come and cook!", I can hear my blog saying "Rachel I miss you! your fashion now has no accountability, so you look like a homeless person!" So with the weight of 6 units lifted off of my shoulder... Parrish the Thought will be back in business!! Hooray!

ANYWAYS! Here are a few pictures from our Disney Trip that we took over the weekend. I could have stayed for weeks! Gosh, I love Disney.

I need you all to notice my nephew's crazy face on the right that was completely candid!!

Here are the culminations of my favoritist rides. The new Little Mermaid ride might be my new favorite slow ride.
I take the glories of Freestyle wherever I go (nevermind the wind making my dress blow-up!). Also, you can see the family resemblance with my brother and I. Big teefs.
Ugh... I wish I were still there. Until next time everyone. I'll see you soon! And this time I mean it!

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