Saturday's and Succulents

Feb 7, 2015

It's a no makeup kind of Saturday. Nathan's away recording vocals for the kingdom album that's coming out this spring, so I'm just kinda hanging out at the house. We only have one car on the weekends, typically, so it's a good oppertunity for Bible reading, music playing, Friends DVD watching, and chore doing... The first three were already checked off the list, so the chores are all that are left. Oh yeah, I can check off one of my New Years resolutions... I chopped off my hair. 

No make up selfie

watering the plants

teapot watering can

succulent garden


  1. we are loving succulents right now! and we are right there with ya on the friends train! cute flannel too =]

    xo, Kendall + Kelsey

    1. Thanks gals! So glad you stopped by! I'm in love with your blog, let's be blog friends :)


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