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Feb 16, 2015

Hello everyone! Nate and I took a little day trip to the beach for Valentine's Day. Despite the fact that we already live in a place that happens to be very romantic, we needed a little getaway. Here are a few pics of the day. 
Parrish The Thought
Here's to our 6th Valentine's Day together, and infinity more.
Santa Cruz Beach, Parrish The Thought

Parrish The Thought
Every couple has their place they love to go, Santa Cruz is definitely ours. We've made a little tradition of going Santa Cruz for Presidents' Day weekend, it just happened to be the same weekend!
Parrish The Thought

denim madewell dress, Parrish The Thought

Falafel House, Parrish The Thought

This guy. I really couldn't ask for a more wonderful husband. We have endured through a lot, and more is coming, I know it. Our day was filled with great food, grat weather, great shopping, and great first conversation about our future and our family and all sorts of great stuff. God is so good, and his timeline is perfect. Can't wait to see what these next few years have in store for us! See you soon :)

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  1. so sweet! ya'll are so cute together && those beach pictures have me yearning for a quick roadtrip to the coast. Lucckyy!

    xo, Kendall + Kelsey || The Radiant Life Blog


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