Weekend Update

Nov 15, 2011

Hi Everyone! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week thus far is going great, mine's been pretty nice. I regret not taking any pictures, but yesterday my husband surprised me yesterday with a trip to the bay area! It was so fun. He drove me all the way to Berkeley for Shopping and eating and walking and wonderment. It was so great. I was so distracted by my fun date that I forgot to whip out my camera. Darn. ANYWAYS!! Thats not what this post is about at all!

I wanted to tell you about my weekend! Friday and Saturday of last week my husband  and spent our time at the AG Youth Conference for Northern California and Nevada where his band Kingdom played! Yep, this blog post is definitely a bragging post because I'm so in love with my husband. ANYWAYS, here's a few pictures and a video of what my husband and his friends are all about. They just recorded their full-length CD and I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe you're not into big anthemic music, that's okay. Maybe you're not into worship music, that's also okay. But this is what Nathan and I are into, and we are also into Jesus, so this is perfect for him, and I'm happy to cheer him on.
thats him on the big screen!

Here's the you tube video that I took with my little point and shoot. I'm actually impressed with the quality of video and sound, considering it's not a super great camera. ANYWAYS, my husband is the guy on the right with long hair... I've told you before that he's a pretty metal guy. if you didn't believe me before, maybe this will convince you.

Well everyone thats about it for me today. I've got soooo much homework to do... ugh. 'Tis the season for homework I suppose. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our weekend. I got lots of fun new clothes this weekend, so new outfit posts shall be coming soon. Hooray! I'll see you soon!


  1. Ohh, it looks like so much fun! <3 The light displays looks incredible!

    Lost in the Haze

  2. Very cool looking! Hey I'm trying to get some info together for a feature post of my button swappers. my email is staceynicolemusic@gmail.com and I'm needing these things.
    1. a picture of you... either alone or with family or friends or significant other... just make sure you are in the pic! :-)

    2. links to your blog, shop, and any other social media outlets you'd like for people to know about.

    3. a little about yourself and your blog. Just say "hi" and introduce yourself in your own words. You can say whatever you'd like... it's your time.

    And that's it.. Pretty easy!
    Try to get these to me as soon as you can.
    I'm posting this post on Tuesday the 29th.

    Just email me whenever. Thanks girl!
    Also I went and liked your music page... nice to know another music maker in the blog world. :-)


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