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Oct 1, 2015

Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I've posted hasn't it? Well, the school year has started, so that's life I suppose. It's really interesting how every single school year poses one major challenge that influences all facets of life. I can pinpoint them from year to year, but only in hindsight of course.

If you were tracking with me overt he summer you saw that I was doing a  She Reads Truth bible study called Women of the Word. It was awesome! But now I can see that those precious moments with the Lord over the summer were preparing me for this school year. Even now, I am constantly being reminded that Jesus has to be my strength. I write this because its easy for me to forget.

Do you get preoccupied with your circumstances? I totally do. Nate is on tour for the fall with Kutless. It's really exciting, and I really love watching him live His dreams.  But it's easy for me to focus on being alone at home. This is the challenge of this school year. Coming home from school to an empty house. The Lord is constantly reminding me that it's Him, and Him alone that sustains me. That It's God that I rely on for strength, for purpose, for everything.

Seek the Lord with your whole heart. I wish this was something that wasn't coming to the forefront of my mind now as I'm lonely without Nate, but I am thankful that God gives us the grace to realize it at all. That is what this season is for. The summer was a precious time with God, and now I'm moving into a new one, A new season of seeking the heart  of Christ on a different level. Not easy, but always worth it.

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