Teacher Emergency Kit & A Giveaway!!

Aug 11, 2015

Hello there! So, I'm back on contract, and school is about to start. To be truthful, I am more than ready. In honor of back to school, thought I would post a little bit about teacher life, and host the very first Parrish The Thought give away ( more on that later).

I'm a commuting teacher. I drive about 30-40 minutes to work.  Going home in the case of an emergency, like a wardrobe malfunction, is really not an option for me, especially since the rest of the commuting world is going the opposite direction. At prime commuting hours, going into Napa would take over an hour. Not a chance. So, I have an emergency kit for non-emergencies.

Going Clockwise:
1) Coffee- Duh. Our school has a Keurig, but we often have to buy our own. I actually don't really like flavored coffee, or K-Cup coffee... but a teacher's gotta go, what a teacher's gotta do
2) Deoderant: I wake up super early and often forget. So, I keep some in my desk.
3) Little Mug: This keeps me from drinking a ton of terrible coffee, also, my little Verve mug from Capitola is so cute, and it reminds me of our trip there. I recommend a mug that reminds you of summer.
4) Water-cup: Drinking a ton of water is super important in general, and definitely for a teacher. All that talking all day, for me as a vocalist, can be very exhausting on my voice, so I drink a ton of water, and having a cute water cup is helpful
5) Slip: I know slips are for old-ladies, and see-through everything is way-chic. Well... it's also way inappropriate for teaching teenagers. I've made the mistake of getting dressed in the dark and not knowing my clothes were sheer until I got to school. A teacher rescued me because she had a slip in her desk drawer. Now I do too.
6) Cardigan: My Classroom AC is always on blast, and I can't control the climate of my room.The temperature could be over 100 degrees outside, and in Vacaville it often is, but with my classroom being an icy tundra, I need a sweater.

Teacher Emergency

Now for the REALLY fun part!

I've partnered with some amazing companies to give away the perfect stuff to add to your Emergency Teacher (Mom, Student, Person, Zoo Keeper) Kit. I've partnered with Banner Apparel Company (see my post here), Rejoicing Hearts Shop, and Mast Coffee Co. My vision was to help get the word out about Christian independent businesses and how awesome they are! Everyone who run these companies loves the Lord, and besides Mast (I guess you could make a latte art Cross...weird) their products all convey a Christ like message right from scripture!!

To enter make sure you find my instagram account @parrishthethoughtblog, and look for this post in my profile. Follow all of the accounts tagged in the photo, then COMMENT on only my account. The Giveaway ends on Friday, that's when we'll pick the winner from the comments. Keep your insta's public so we can get a hold of you!! Good Luck!

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