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Oct 4, 2012

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great day! I am. I am finding that thursday is actually the day i am the most tried. Even more than fridays. So... Needless to say, i am really tired.

Anyways, i dont know if I've ever mentioned how much nathan and i hated our old apartment, but today we are moving away!! And while im really super excited about our move, its extremely stressful. Nathan has to do most of it himself, so i feel terrible about that, but we do have WONDERFUL friends who will be able to help us tomorrow.

This is what is decided to wear today. Im totally obsessed with tops that have little neckties right now. Theres something very cutesy about them that i cant resist! If neckties are wrong, then i dont want to be right. Also, im loving the fluted skirt trend. So hirly, and flattering on us more womanly women!!

I also feel the need to mention that i found everything that im wearing at the goodwill. Gosh, i love love love the goodwill that i go to. But i cant tell which one it is.... Its a secret!

Well everyone. Thats about it for me. I hope your day is awesome, and that your weekend will be even better! See you soon!

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