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Oct 19, 2012

Hi everyone! Ive finally found an app thats way better for blogging than the blogger app itself. I have to honest, since its for the iphone and not the ipad, which i dont really understand why they wouldnt make a version for both, the blogger app is dumb. You can only update your own blog with it, you can't read the ones you follow. Dumb.

Anyways, today is parent teacher conferences. They have all gone really well. Its hard to have a bad conference when most of your students are doing well in your class. One of million wonderful things about teaching at VCS are super nice and loving parents. One parent emailed me this morning for drink order at starbucks! If thats not awesome then i dont know what is. Im just hoping the rest of the day goes just as well.

Here are a few instas to hold you over. Ive been pretty faithful with the outfits on instagram, its easier to post right away.
This is what one student wrote about my outfit today. Its the fur collar that tipped her off I'm sure!
I found this gem of a boxed-set at dimple. Cant wait to start reading them. This are the old school covers from when i was a kid. This is the kind of thing you hold on to for your kids to read. I am in love with this.
School day survival kit
Creative compliments from students once more.
I havent ventured around Vacaville much at all since i started working at VCS but i found this super cute dress at a really cute boutique called apricot lane.
This is how i reward myself after a long days work. A stop the yolo fruitstand. Such delicious treats.
Spongebob photobomb.

Also, in case you didnt know. We are all moved in. Our new place rocks. Our neighbors are nice, they dont grow pot, and the police havent shown up to ask nathan if he was able to identify a picture of an armed robber. Its a real winner. Im now on the hunt for sweet decor items and such. I know that go get exactly what i want im gonna have to make it myself. Yay weekend crafty time! Also, our disneyland trip is officially booked! Ahhhhhhhhim so excited. Im already on the lookout for cute disney outfits.

Thats about it for me. I better get back to work before more parents show up!! See you soon.

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  1. Stopping by from ModSquad. That's a great dress and I love how much your students love you.


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