Moody Mondays: Tapestry Print!

Sep 19, 2011

Hello everyone!! I've decided that during my theory and therapy class on mondays, it would be a great time to post all my favorite etsy finds! Today theme is Tapestry Print stuff! It;s so fantastically 90's librarian (hot librarian of course!). Here are my favorite things thus far
1970's Boho Mini- How freaking gorgeous is this print?! Let me tell you how often I would wear this dress if it were mine: Every single day (Etsy Store: Stilleto Girl Vintage)

I love the bright colors of this bag. With a chambray button down and black skinnies... this would be perfect. Tapestry Bag: In with the Old Vintage

These glorious boots would be great with a dress and tights! Tapestry Boots- Rocky Mountain Retro

This would be the perfect addition to any outfit. Tapestry Vest- Accoustic Dreamer  

How cute is all of this stuff? Etsy vintage is like being able to thrift shop for something specific, and if any of you are big on thrifting, you know how impossible that is. It's like the thrill of the dig with 100% chance of finding something great. Wow... what a productive class!

See you soon!

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