Correction!! The Show's on Saturday! Silly Me!!

Sep 20, 2011

What a goof I am!!! I totally yelled out all over the internet that the show I was playing at Origin was on Friday, but I am wrong!! Everyone, for goodness sakes, I am wrong! The show with The Music Room on the 24th is a Saturday!! Dont be confused my friends! I dont know how I did that. But... if you were planning on being at Origin on Friday at 7, thats great, but there will be no show. It's on Saturday. Saturday. @7. With The Music Room. I'm opening. i'm very excited. Tell your friends and neighbors, because it's free, if you give your money, it's going to help END sex trafficing, and it's going to be super fun :)

Woah!! Hey there full face of make up! Nice Eyeliner!!

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