Maybe I'll Start Over.

Jan 7, 2011

Happy New Year. This is the end of the first week of 2011. I think I might start being serious about having a thrifted fashion blog. I'll make that my new year's resolution.
For my first post: My List of Goals for 2011 (beside the first one, there is no order of priorities)

PRIORITY ONE: Spend more time with the Lord.
  • I'm gonna get a 3.0+ for the school year
  • I'm gonna exercise more, and eat healthier! (High-waisted shorts, here I come!)
  • I'm gonna grow out my hair
  • I'm gonna writer more music! (My keyboard is already out, and taking up tons of space)
  • Have a blog that's kept up!
one thats for thrifted fashion (like my school year's resolution)
one thats for my life with the Lord.
  • I'm gonna be the best possible wife I can be and take care of Nathan as best I can!
the only thing I'm really gonna blog about on this blog is gonna be thrifted finds. The other things will be mentioned on my Tumblr Account as the same name.

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