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Apr 7, 2011

Good morning everyone! I am here at school oh so early today because I need to do my math homework, and I can't do it at home. But before I dig into the drudgery of a lifetime, did everyone have  nice night last night? I TOTALLY did. Last night what the spring student recital at WJU, and I was one of the student performing, along with a ton of my friends. In fact...I would say that that if all my friends weren't performing, they were definitely all there. It was such a blast, and Nathan came. He's such a wonderful husband. He truly breaks the mold.

ANYWAYS!! The recital went great! Everyone's (and I mean EVERYONE) performance was just stellar, but I would have to say my two most favoritist acts of the night were Matt Lewis's song from Beauty and The Beast, and Chris DeCew's Song the Rainbow heart just melted...especially after he said that the first "person" to sing it was KERMIT THE FROG!!!! Oh charmer. Man WJU Music...that's quality.

This is the aftermath of our After Recital Sushi Jubilation. I really had the intention of taking more pictures... but I was just having too much fun chatting and laughing with my friends!

I thought today instead of having your typical outfit post, I would do another blog feature! These three blogs are blogs that I've been obsessed with lately.

First one: Delightfully Tacky. This girl is so cute its out of control. Not to mention she has the BEST hair I have ever ever ever seen.

Second: Idee Geniale. Her blog is so great! Her outfit posts are so fun and cute, and she commonly posts super good vegetarian recipes. I'm not even a vegetarian!
 AND FINALLY, The Wholesome Chronicles... Best. Blog Title. Ever. This is my most favorite of the three.These two girls are HILARIOUSLY funny, not to mention super cute. These girls are actually from my youth group in Stockton. They're high school seniors, ruling the school, so they don't have a ton of time to blog it up, but their blog is so worth checking out. I absolutely adore adore adore beyond adore these two lovely ladies. PS. you might have seen the cutie on the right on a previous post... part of my love for her includes the fact that she is dating my youngest brother. 
Anyways, check out these three blogs. You will not be dissapointed. They are so fun and cute, you'll just love them. You can click on the pictures to get to them.

Thats it for me today everyone. It's a very short post, but I have a million things to do before I go to class...not to mention the homework. this is a long weekend for me, so I'm very excited for a little R&R.

ALSO. before I forget...lets not stop praying for JAPAN. Another earthquake hit, and they are expecting another tsunami... Good greif, I cant imagine the pain. Seriously everyone, we need to have them in our thoughts and prayers today.

See you soon.

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